Printed Circuit Boards: Why the World can’t Function Without Them

Many consider the printed circuit board, more widely known as the PCB, as the key building block of modern technology. Without it, the developers of some of the most popular pieces of modern gadgetry would be at a complete standstill. These developers would not have been able to build multi-purpose small-sized phones or ‘smart’ television sets.

pcbsWithout PCBs, humanity would probably still be in the dark ages of technological invention. This would probably prompt you to ask: what exactly is a PCB and how come it’s so important?

A printed circuit board physically supports the internal wirings of an electrical device. It serves as a base where all the wires are arranged and organized to allow the proper flow of electrical current through all the components. The PCB also serves as a base that supports the different wires for sending signals and instructions from one part of the device to another.

For instance, when a phone user enters a number and presses the call button on his phone, the components mounted on the board will send the instruction to call onto the correct component that is responsible for placing calls. Because it serves as the backbone of every electronic device, the Printed circuit boards has to be made out of durable material. The materials used should also be non-conductors of electricity in order to avoid accidental electrocutions.

This is why most PCB manufacturers use a thin sheet of fiberglass as the base of the PCB and they then cover this up with a thin sheet of copper plating. There are also a few manufacturers who use plastic sheets as the base and then reinforce this with a layer of glass. The copper sheet is then added on top of this glass-reinforced base.

The copper layer of the PCB base is important because it is where the circuit’s pattern or design would be printed on. This design is normally created on a computer first and then printed using an industrial printer onto hundreds of base boards. The designs vary according to the purpose through which the finished product would be used.

This means that the design on a cell phone’s PCB is different from the PCB design of a smart TV or an electronic toy. The only thing that all these electronic devices have in common is that they all need the PCBs to be able to do their jobs well.

The different components on a PCB are mounted using two different methods:

1.Surface mount technology

This method involves sticking the various components onto the PCB base using solder paste. This is highly beneficial for manufacturers who wish to save on the costs for handling the PCB materials. Manufacturers just have to make sure that the mounting process is done in a clean room environment. This can help them to avoid incurring any damages on the components due to changes in the static level.

2.Through-hole technology

This method involves inserting the tips of each component onto holes on the base board. These holes are pre-drilled onto the board during the design printing process. This method is mostly used by manufacturers whose electronic products have to have a high level of reliability.

Products that are pegged for use in the military or in aeronautics are often created using through-hole technology on its PCBs. This is because these products often encounter extreme conditions such as drastic changes in temperature and the like.

Some manufacturers also combine these two methods of mounting the components onto the printed circuit board. This enables them to harness the advantages of both methods, which means that their end-products are ultimately of higher quality.

Why Is Original Content a Must in SEO?

Sometimes, it is tiring to keep up with other websites in the niche that you are competing with. You have to constantly do keyword research and targeting, update yourself on trends and news, answer emails and other reader inquiries, improve your web design and the most tiring of all, write original SEO articles regularly. The stress of optimizing a website for search engines can drain your passion, but it is certainly a worthy venture that you can turn into a fulltime business.

If you are losing reasons to continue with this online venture, here are some reasons why you should keep writing original content for search engine optimization.

1. For the acquisition of trust symbols

qualityThe acquisition of trust symbols is a popular SEO tactic to increase click-through rate in addition to keyword targeting. These symbols come in the form of accreditations, registrations, memberships, awards and certifications given by standardizing and regulatory organizations (e.g. Better Business Bureau for corporate integrity, ISO for operation and production and Microsoft for online security).

Sometimes, media organizations (e.g. Reader’s Digest) and educational institutions (e.g. Wharton School of Business) also bestow trust symbols for special achievements in e-commerce and online marketing. They serve as guarantee of your website’s quality and safety. Through time, they will improve your online reputation, which you will need to rank high.

Trust symbols are earned, and the best way to earn them is by continuously publishing original SEO articles that are optimized for search engines to invite traffic. Needless to say, you cannot have them if you only have duplicate contents to flaunt. You have to commit for quality if you also want your career to be recognized.

2. For the online reputation

SEO marketingOnline reputation is a big deal in SEO marketing because it practically decides the future of websites that wish to make money. It significantly affects the discoverability and ranking of your website, and also the reception of internet users.

Community management and social media promotion are two important aspects of search engine optimization. The main goal of these strategies is to earn high online reputation through shares, likes, trend and gaining more followers – things that you can only have if you offer original SEO articles. You surely do not expect to gain thousands of likes or shares for a post you just copied from a more reliable source.

3. For the training

SEO Writing skillsThe training of SEO skills is possible with continual practice. If you want to develop your SEO writing skill, continue writing original contents that undergo proper keyword research, HTML heading and body tag positioning, internal linking and reputation monitoring. If you want to master SEO marketing, learn how to apply content management (on-page optimization) and link building tactics (off-page optimization) from scratch.

4. For the freedom from legal problems

Certain keyword research tools are available online to help you identify usable keywords used by your competitors, so that you can also apply them for your own advantage. Such tools are not used to merely copy and paste contents from other websites because you are expected to write your own SEO articles.

Ranking low in the SERP is the least of your problem if you will continue to create duplicate contents from other websites. The worst-case scenario is that your website will get shut down while you pay all the damages from stealing other people’s ideas.

5. For the traffic

Web crawlers do not give high score to duplicate contents if you are the one with lower click-through rate. Publishing duplicate contents is an enough reason for search engine algorithms to dismiss your website as a nuisance, low-quality or irrelevant.

6. For the profit

Ultimately, writing original SEO articles is all for the profit. You optimize your articles for search engines so that they can be easily discovered and ranked, and perhaps attract readers that can be converted to followers and then, paying customers. Getting the traffic you need through SEO is just the first part. Making money from that traffic will still determine your success.