Logo Lanyards: Simplicity can be Deceiving

Logo lanyards are among the most useful and versatile tools in the world today.

The purposes that these lanyards serve are quite diverse. These purposes include:

1.  As a way of securing ID cards. Many companies have been able to avoid the added costs of having to print out new ID cards to replace lost or misplaced cards. This was achieved through the simple process of distributing lanyards to every single employee.

2.  As holders of various bric-a-brac that people can’t live without but often misplace. These include cellphones andkeys.

3.  As a way to promote the ideals or beliefs of various organizations. This in itself is quite diverse too. Some organizations give away lanyards to commemorate certain special events. On the other hand, other organizations use the lanyards to spread an idea or a vision to more people.

4.  As a way for businesses to turn their brands into a familiar sight. Some businesses also use logo lanyards to promote the products or the services that they offer.

Using lanyards for marketing purposes is not a new practice. A lot of established companies have been doing it for as long as lanyards have been in existence. It is also a practice that any business can get into as long as business-owners are willing to face the challenges. These challenges include the process of creating an interesting phrase that is to be imprinted on the lanyards along with the business logo.

Logo LanyardsOne of the reasons why logo lanyards are great marketing tools is because people often do not think twice about receiving them. Handing out flyers at the mall is no longer effective because people do not have time to read what’s on the flyers. They also often find it wasteful since the flyers lose their purpose once the information that they contain has been read. On the other hand, people are less reluctant to receive lanyards because they know that they would be able to make use of such cords later on.

Another reason is becauselogo lanyards offer a practical option for mass promotion. Businesses do not have to spend thousands of dollars just to get their brands recognized. All they need to do is to pay a lanyard manufacturer at least $25-$50 dollars for a bulk order of lanyards for mass distribution. This means that they would also be able to save a higher amount of the marketing budget as compared to promoting the brand on print, TV, and other media.

However, aside from the cost of lanyard production, businesses would also have to set aside some funds for the slogan that would be imprinted on the cords. This is because creating an appealing marketing slogan requires a lot of careful planning and brainstorming. This is because the slogan should be able to draw the customers into the core of the business. It should also be interesting enough to entice consumers to want more than what is visible.

Majority of effective slogans contain less than 10 words. However, the process of creating these slogans is often long and arduous. Marketing teams often have to choose from hundreds of words in order to come up with just one or two words that best exemplify the brand. They also have to make sure that the words are powerful enough to convey the idea. But at the same time, the words should be simple enough to be understood by the average Joe. These words would also have to be able to appeal to the emotions of whoever is reading them.

You might think that logo lanyards are too simple. But their simplicity can be deceiving because they serve a multitude of purposes, most of which are only understood by the company that made it.

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